Book Review: Managed by Kristen Callihan

Once upon a time, I would like to do nothing then to sit on a couch for hours and just read the time away. There were always a couple of new books on my bookshelves waiting to be picked up before I finish the one I am currently reading. Trips to the bookstore every month was a norm and I dedicated part of what I earned back then to books because I loved owning hardcovers.

But then the time changed. I moved to Jeddah. More responsibilities came and reading took a back seat. I still love to read but other matters took up my free time leaving less or no time for reading.

Reading to me is synonymous to self-love. If someone asks me, what is that one thing you would absolutely love to do in your free time if there is nothing left on your “to-do-list” that requires your immediate attention, I would say “to read a good book and get lost in it”. I recently resumed my reading habit and “Managed – VIP Series” by Kristen Callihan is the one I finished recently and will be reviewing it here.

It’s a second book from the VIP series but it can certainly be read as a stand-alone. The story revolves around two main characters, Gabriel Scott and Sophie Darling, completely opposite to each other in terms of their personalities who fell in love. They first met on a plane, first expression of each other gone all wrong resulted in a verbal sparring match with names. Little did they know that their final destination is the same and Gabriel will end up being her boss. Although being the chatter box, Sophie did blurt out that she has an interview with someone known to Gabriel and he couldn’t believe his luck.

Hero is sexy, hot, smart and intelligent basically owns and runs a rock band and Sophie is a candidate travelling for an interview set up by his team mate for a band’s voice on social media.

“Jesus,” I blurt out, lifting my hand as if to shield my eyes. “It’s like looking into the sun.”
“What?” he snaps, those laser-bright eyes narrowing.
Oh, this will be fun.
“Just stop, will you?” I squint at him. “You’re too hot. It’s too much to take.”
“Are you quite well?” He intones, as if he thinks the opposite.
“No, you’ve nearly rendered me blind.” I flap a hand. “Do you have an off-switch? Maybe put it on low?”
His nostrils flare, his skin going a whole shade darker. “Lovely. I’m stuck next to a mad woman.”

He is restricted, professional, controlled, polite, reserved with an extreme aversion to anyone in his personal space. While she is wild, spontaneous, outspoken, extremely chatty and utterly unmanageable. They quite literally are opposite to each other.

“I don’t like you,” I mutter…
“Lie,” he points out. “You’ve told me repeatedly now that you find me blindingly attractive.”
“That doesn’t mean I like you. Besides, your brand of pretty is a weapon. You reel victims in with it, just like a vampire does. I wouldn’t be surprised if you sparkle in the sun.”
“I cannot believe I’m arguing with a woman who references Twilight.”
“The fact that you know I’m referencing Twilight betrays you as a secret Edward-loving fanboy.”
His snort is loud and scathing. “Team Jacob all the way.”
I can’t help it, my eyes fly open, and I lift a corner of my mask to glare at him. “That’s it. We can never be friends.”

Attraction between the two was pretty much obvious during the flight but obviously, they were ignoring it. She ended up getting a job and as they started to work together, they were forced to accept the feelings they have for each other which kick-started their insanely wild romance.

“I will say the wrong words from time to time. And I will cock things up. That’s a given, unfortunately. but there will never, ever be a time when I do not love you or want you in my life.”

It was delightful to read how their relationship nurtured and how completely two different people became closer to each other, as they say, opposite attracts. Sophie knew the facade that Gabriel has created around himself is just for the outlook to protect himself. She succeeded in bringing down the wall to know the real Scotty and became a crucial member of the band.

The story is fast paced with some twists and turns and secrets, witty, romantic, and will keep you hooked. Although I felt that the story kind of dragged at the end but still it was an above-average read.

My ratings: 3.5/5

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