Review: St.Ives Oatmeal Scrub and Mask

Who doesn’t know about st.Ives products especially their scrub range? I think every girl has atleast once in her lifetime have used their scrubs. I remember their apricot scrub from way back when I was in school. That was the only skin care product I use to apply on my skin.

So when they launched their new range of scrubs and masks I had to try them out. I am sure many of you have already read thousands of reviews by now and might also have used it, but bear with me once more 😜.

I was actually looking for their green tea blackhead scrub but it was short in the market at that time so I bought their oatmeal scrub and mask. I started using it last month and here I am with a detailed review.

This product can be used both as a exfoliator and as a mask. Awesome right!

The scrub claims to have 100% natural exfoliators, is Hypoallergenic, paraben free and dermatologically tested. This new dual purpose formula contains oatmeal extracts, and is suitable for combination and dull skin.

It comes in easy to use squeezable, flip open plastic tube and has a wonderfull smell. It neither is very thick nor runny, just the right type of consistency to be used as both mask and scrub. Apply on your wet face and massage in circles and wash. For mask leave it for 4 to 5 minutes. Do make sure to not to leave it for a longer period of time and try to wash it off when it’s still little wet otherwise it would stick to your skin hard and will be difficult to take it off.

It will leave your skin soft and clean for sure. It’s not very harsh on skin so you can use it twice or thrice in a week and is also suitable for sensitive skin. I really don’t recommend to exfoliate your skin daily even if the product say that it can be used daily, because it dries out the skin and devoid your skin with natural oils.

For a scrub it really does a good job and will help you to remove your black heads and white heads.

As for a mask, I prefer thick consistency to help close my pores and tighten my skin but this mask is not to that level. It’s not bad but neither it can be labelled as a great product to be used as a mask. Those who have dry skin, might also feel the need to moisturize after using this product.

Nevertheless, whichever purpose you decide to use the product for, it will leave your skin clean and smooth.

I totally recommend this product because its above average, does a pretty good job in cleansing your skin and is not heavy on your wallet.

Tip: Before applying it as a mask, put it in a fridge for few minutes and apply it while it’s cold. Your skin will feel fresh and cool like cucumber. πŸ˜‰

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