Review: FOREO Luna 2

Are you in search of a cleansing device that lasts for long without any need of changing its top head? Well, here is one for you.

You probably have heard about Foreo Luna cleansing devices because it did couple of rounds on social media when it was launched and was widely accepted because of it’s amazing result on skin.

I ordered FOREO Luna 2 from SephoraKSA after researching about various cleansing devices available in the market and I’ll tell you, it’s the best investment you could do for your skin. Yes, it’s expensive but totally worth it if you are looking for long term benefits and want to save on your trips to salon. It’s a 2 minute daily routine, which goes beyond standard facial cleansing by delivering result that you will notice just after one use.

The packaging includes the device itself, charging cord, a small cute magnet, and a mini pouch.

So what does it do and how is it different?

1. You just have to charge this device once and it will last for quite a number of days depending on the usage. There is a small start button at front with “+” and “-” signs to set the pulsation speed.

2. It uses 2X T-Sonic (transdermal sonic pulsation) power to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, removes makeup, dirt and oil and leave your skin super clean and soft. It delivers deepest cleansing while keeping it smooth.

3. It provides advanced anti aging massage. Its reverse side uses lower frequency pulsation to massage the face. This mode helps absorption of the cleansing foam.

4. It comes in 4 different models with cleansing suitable for every skin type. The one in the picture is for sensitive skin.

5. Silicon body and bristles for greater comfort and performance. They are not at all harsh on skin. Ultra hygienic silicon is non porous to resist bacteria buildup.

6. Lower frequency pulsation massages wrinkle-prone areas. It improves and firms the appearance of skin

7. No replacement part needed.

8. Its 100% waterproof to be used in bath or shower.

How to use it?
Apply your favourite but mild cleansing foam on your wet face. Activate its cleansing mode and start massaging in circular motion. You will feel a very light beep or sensation which is a indication that it’s time to massage another part of your face. Once done wash your face with water. Apply your favourite moisturizer or serum. You can use this device daily either before going to work or before going to bed at night.

Things to take into account:
1. It doesn’t work well with exfoliator and I won’t recommend it. It will make your skin very dry.

2. Use a mild cleansing gel or foam without any particles or exfoliators.

That’s it! Bring salon to your home and do your facial at the comfort of your own space in just 2 minutes. 😊

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