My mind wanders….

From past few days, I have been hearing news of deaths who are either known to our family or is a friend of a family member.

It happened continuously for the past few days and every day I get to listen to someone dying because of covid19 while I was having my dinner was not boding well with me. On that day while praying at night, a very disturbing thought from nowhere came to my mind and I was shocked.

If God forbid something happened to me, what will happen of my child? I got so scared that I cannot even define that in words.

No matter how I tried, I was unable to divert my mind. And I kept on thinking about families who have lost their loved ones recently. How they would be coping right now? What struggles they will be facing that we can’t even imagine. If just a mere thought has shaken me to the core, imagine the kind of distress they would be going through. It’s painful. It’s depressing. We take so many things for granted that we don’t even realise until that is gone. In such hard and distressing times, I have realised one thing. Be thankful for everything you are blessed with, participate in and appreciate others’ achievements and don’t be jealous. If something is meant for you, it will come to you at the right time. Patience is the key.

Having said that, on the same day I also heard someone said, “what good accumulating wealth would do when you know you have to leave this world barehanded”. The God who has created you didn’t ask you to sit on a road and wait for your dying moment. NO, that is not how it is supposed to work. You have to work to survive and yes in the process earn money to spend on your self and your family. There is nothing wrong with doing that. But when that wealth makes you selfish and arrogant, and you start looking down upon the people beneath your status, that is where everything goes wrong. The money because of which you degrade and judge people, won’t go with you when you die. So why not put that money you have been blessed with to good use rather than being arrogant about it.

Just random thoughts…..

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Hello! Welcome to my space. I am a Pakistani from heart, born in Karachi and spent good 27 years of my life in that country. I am happily married and a stay-at-home mom, currently residing in KSA which i now call as my new home. This blog is my happy place where I will post about lots of different things, including my motherhood journey, lifestyle, book reviews, my thoughts and feelings about different issues and generally about my life on the go. I am an introvert who generally sucks at expressing her emotions verbally but loves to write them down. I hope you find the content here relevant and interesting to read. Looking forward to build a great community here. Have a great day!

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