Travelling with a Baby

I have been thinking to share here my first travel experience with my baby but putting it aside. Now that international flights have been resumed in many countries and I am sure, many will be planning their travel in near future (although it’s best to delay unless extremely necessary), I thought I’ll just write it down.

All those first time mommies who are planning their travel in near future and looking for some assurance and tips, read it through.

I traveled with my son to my home country when he was just 5 months old. I was extremely excited but worried too. My husband was suppose to join me later but for this trip I was on my own. There were too many questions on my mind.

How am I going to handle everything?
What if he continued to cry during the whole flight?
How will I manage passing through security checks and immigration?
What if his sleep gets disturbed and he get super cranky and difficult to manage?
What items should I carry along?
How should I make this easy for both of us?

First, let me tell you one thing and bear this in your mind. Be ready for everything. If you are travelling with a baby than you cannot predict what can happen. Either you will have an awesome flight with little or no problems or you’ll have a worst experience of your life.

My flight was an early morning flight and that means my son’s sleep will going to be disturbed like big time. A week before the flight I checked all “travel with infant” posts on youTube, on Instagram and where not. Packed all the essentials and reserved the bassinet seat. I was still told that bassinet seat will be confirmed later and is given on a first come first serve basis. That didn’t do anything to reduce my anxiety, it made me even more tensed. I was actually dreading my travel because my son was not a kind of baby who happily sits on a lap for number of hours.

That morning finally arrived and we left for the airport. All was going well until I stepped on the bus which was suppose to take us to our aircraft. He suddenly started crying. I panicked. Everyone on the bus started staring towards us. I picked him up from the stroller and he burped and then puked on my dress! Imagine that….

We entered the aircraft after handing over his stroller to the ground staff. I was over the moon to find out that we did get a bassinet seat. But my happiness didn’t last for long since he started to cry with a full volume. I was dead sure at that point that this flight is going to be my worst flight of my life.

He continued with his tantrum until the plane took off. I was quickly loosing any hope I had left that he may sleep during the flight.

Then the miracle happened. Once the plane was up in the sky, I prepared his milk. He took his feed and went to sleep. I lied him down in the cot and he slept peacefully throughout the flight. You can imagine my sigh of relief.

He slept on and off until we reached our home finally without giving me any trouble.

Things to carry in a baby backpack:

1. 5 to 6 diapers
2. Baby’s favorite toy or book
3.Easy to carry water thermos.
4. Feeder bottles and formula milk containers (if on formula feed or mixed feed)
5. Covering cloth for mother or you can use the blanket provided by the crew but avoid it during these times (if on breastfeed)
6. One extra pair of clothes
7. Wet wipes
8. Sanitizer
9. A snack to munch on if he is 6 months and older
10. Head Cap


1. Change baby’s diaper before boarding your flight. THIS IS MUST. You will feel relax that your baby is clean and you won’t have to change in mid flight if its for shorter duration.
2. Give your baby milk or something to chew on during taking off and landing to avoid pain in ears
3. Dress your baby in comfy clothes. No Jeans or shorts.
4. Take stroller or baby carrier with you.
5. Do not carry a separate bag for yourself. Put your things in baby backpack.
6. Reserve a bassinet seat in advance. This is a blessing.
7. Prepare your baby milk if there is a need as soon as you get settled because crew will take away your backpack to be placed in upper cabins and you won’t get it back until plane is up in the sky. So have something in your hand to sooth to sooth your baby during taxi and take off.

I was lucky enough that my son didn’t give me hard time but I have seen babies who never get comfortable during the flight. You cannot predict your baby’s mood before hand but you can make sure that you have every item with you to make your flight as easy as possible.

If you have any query, you can always leave a comment below. 🙂

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