Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 1

For the first episode of the series, here with me is Mehreen Tareen who runs a blog on Instagram which goes by the name of “daily_walk_of_life”.


1. Where are you from, which city you live in and since when are you residing in KSA?

I’m from Karachi Pakistan. I’m currently residing in Jeddah KSA from last 3 years.

2. When and why you started blogging?

I started my blog in Sep 2019. I started blogging because I love to click pictures of almost everything, capture every moment and I love to share it with my friends and family. Therefore, I thought to start a blog of my own where I would be able to upload all my memories at one place and it would be easy to share my daily life experiences whether its food, shopping, travelling or product reviews & that’s why I named my blog as “daily_walk_of_life”

3. What do you blog about specifically?

As my blog name “daily_walk_of_life” suggests, I share different stuff related to my routine, my life in general which I think might be helpful/useful for my followers. I share easy & quick recipes, product reviews, food reviews, shopping experiences and current offers in market etc.

4. What do you like about living in KSA and/or anything you dislike?

Well I like everything about living in KSA. First and foremost is being able to live so close to Makkah and Madinah, the holiest sites for all Muslims. I can easily travel and visit to these places whenever I want. Other things which I love about living in KSA are; it’s easy going lifestyle, implementation of rules and regulation in the country and peaceful and clean environment
Shopping is so much fun over here because of great discounts and offers on everything even on groceries too. Further, I like the fact that all shop and businesses close at the time of prayers.  Arabs here are so sweet towards other, show sweet gestures and always greet each other by saying salaam whether they know them or not.

There isn’t anything that I particularly dislike except weather here sometimes become unbearable in summers. Also, most shopping outlets and all malls shut down at 11:00pm, which sometimes creates a problem.

5. Is there anything you miss the most about your home town?

Yes, my family, friends and relatives. The monsoon weather, local food and celebrating festivals like Eid etc.

6. Are there any specific bloggers you enjoy following and wait for their updates/posts/stories? What’s special about them?

Yes there are some whom I admire the most and they are also the one I got inspired by to start my own blog. These are all Instagram handles

Anya from @theurbanfun: I just love this girl and her blog. Really a fan of her styling.

@sugarbabbless: Love her home and mom hacks. The things she shares on her blog is really helpful and I think every lady or mom could get benefits from her blog.

Huma from @thehbirdies: Love the ways she is raising her 2 daughters, love the interactive and creative activities she shares to keep her kids busy.

@Saher.i.mansoor: Oh my! This lady is love. I love her blog specially her cooking videos. I admire her because she’s a perfect lady who looks after her kids, family, home and office as well. All in one super woman and a true inspiration for others.

7. Tell 3 weird/funny things about yourself that no one or very few people know.

I never have my tea without biscuits
I hate lizards & clown. I just can’t even see them
I love the smell of smoke (cigarettes)
I often talk to myself and people often ask me to whom am i talking to

8. Share with us your happiest life moment.

The day I got my bachelor’s degree, the day I got married and the day my daughter was born.

9. Other than blogging, what do you like to do in your free time?

As a mother, I never get time to pamper myself so yeah in free time I do some skin care, 

10. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Well being a mom and a home maker, it’s really not easy to run a blog effectively so I usually blog in free time or just prepare my post at late night or whenever I get time and then I post it on my feed.


11. What strategy do you think worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog?

For me that has really worked well is to be a part of engagement groups, shout-outs from other bloggers and collaborations.

12. What do you think is more important – gaining more followers or focusing on creating interesting and relevant content? Why?

I think good content is very important because if your feed looks attractive & if it has great and relevant content than it will definitely attracts more people hence you will get more followers.

13. Have you faced any challenges in your blogging journey so far? If yes, did you manage to overcome it?

Yes. I think the main challenge that I faced was to get people engage on my posts because if you didn’t get enough engagement, your account will not reach to many people and the only way to reach more people is to be a part of engagement group which further requires a lot more time and energy.

Other than this I think developing and creating unique content has been a real challenge. Your content should be unique to stand out because there is so much competition out there.

14. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

I think to upload something on the feed. It’s very frustrating sometimes because you need a 1:1 size pic to upload on Insta feed and if you don’t have that size, you then have to edit to bring that picture to 1:1 size maintaining its attractiveness. Then of course, writing a good caption so that my followers don’t get bore.

15. If someone is interested to start a blog, what tips you would like to share?

  • Decide your niche
  • Must have good photography skills preferably flat lays
  • Consistency is the key. You should appear on your blog daily otherwise your follower will lose interest
  • Do story-hops and/or collaborations
  • Have patience
  • Be real. Don’t takeout things
  • Be nice toward others
  •  Focus on content not on numbers

Rapid Fire Round!

1. Summers or winters


2. Vegetables or Meat:


3. Water or Cold Drink:


4, Chinese or Italian


5. Homemade food or Dine out


6. Weekend or Weekday


7. Sweet or Savory


8. Movies or Soap Serials


9. Tea or Coffee


10.Texting or Talking


11. Dawn or Dusk


12. IPhone or Android


And that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

Don’t forget to check out her blog by Clicking Here

Next Episode: 13th August 2020.

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