Product Review: Xiaomi Mi S Android Box

Are you bored with your old model TV because it’s no where smart? Are you fed up with your TV content service providers? Are you looking for variety of options to choose from be it entertainment, news, sports, kids etc? Are you missing out on your favorite TV show?

The answers to all these questions is right here.

Xiaomi Android TV box is just what you need to make your TV smart instead of investing in a new TV. It’s a device when connected to your TV provides you tons of entertainment, easy download of all apps from google play store, built in Netflix, YouTube apps and much more. All you need for this device to run smoothly is a decent internet connection.

I ordered this gadget from Amazon KSA few days back on sale at around 240 SAR and it did live up to its hype. If you search for top 10 Android TV box devices, then this does makes into the list everytime because it is great and budget friendly too.


I own a Sony Bravia 2012 model which is pretty old considering the kind of smart TVs which are out there in the market. But I wasn’t looking to invest in a new TV yet so I had to look for other options. Using a streaming device is the cheapest way to make your TV smart.

Before this device, I was using Google Chromecast which basically helps you to cast your mobile screen to your TV. If you are like me who prefers to watch live entertainment channels rather than waiting for episodes or your favorite shows to get uploaded on youtube (sometimes they aren’t even available) and don’t like to drain your mobile battery, then this device is for you.

The Xiaomi Android TV box comes with a cute, stylish and small device, adopter, remote control and free HDMI cable (I am not sure if it’s really free or the cost of a device already covers it but since it saved me a trip to the market so I am happy).

I am going to list down here its features and the reasons WHY you should invest in this one.

1. Its priced lower than its predecessors and does make it to the list of top android TV box devices in 2020.
2. The box is equipped with 2 GB ram, 8 GB storage and arrives with Android 8.1 out of the box.
3. It’s a slight upgrade to it’s older model but not any major differences. The remote control of previous model do not have a dedicated button of Netflix and Amazon Prime.
4. If you are an Android fan like me, then you will love this. It has Android TV operating system which is certified by google.
5. The interface is really user friendly and well organized. It hardly takes 15 to 20 minutes to set this device up with your TV and adjust other settings like wifi, display, sound, bluetooth etc.
6. The device has one HDMI port and one USB port at it’s back so you can just plug in ur USB and watch whatever you want on a big screen.
7. The device can also be used for gaming. But you need to invest in a gaming controller separately. I haven’t bought this device for this purpose so cannot comment on it’s overall experience.
8. Content streaming in full HD and UHD. If you have a 4k television than Hurray! Since I don’t, so can’t say much in this regard.
9. There is a dedicated button of voice control assistant in its remote control. Because let’s face it. Its extremely irritating to type from a remote control. So this button comes in handy.
10. Google chrome cast is embedded in this device. If you are a mommy whose kids like to watch rhymes 24/7 like my kid does, you can just use this feature or if you sign in to YouTube than you don’t even have to do that. Because you can see your playlist or subscriptions just right there on your TV. Again, less use of mobile thus no extra battery drainage. But still it’s a reliable way to share content like videos, photos on your phone to your TV and make it visible for everyone in your room.

11. You can easily download any app from your playstore on your TV.
12. You can also download apps not available on play store by downloading ‘downloader’ from play store. Open “downloader”, type the url of the app you are looking to download and just do it.

The purpose of me investing in this device is not its 4k feature but to watch TV channels. Believe me, it’s working great so far. No extra cost, no hassle and no missing out on TV shows (if your kid allows you to watch it in that case 😜).

If you have any other question regarding the device or how to set this up, feel free to comment below. 😊

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