Are you a GOOGLE mom?

Are you a google mom? By google mom I mean, do you always turn to google to find answers to your questions related to baby stuff? Like why is your baby crying too much? When babies starts to sleep properly at night? When should you start to potty train your kid? At what age your baby should have  three meals a day? How much milk a baby should have once he or she crosses one year mark? Etc etc.

If you do that than you are just like me and it’s completely normal. It’s normal not because you are like me but because it’s natural to turn to Mr.Google who always have the answers to all our questions. But what’s not normal is when the answer to your question is not what you expected and it raises your stress level.

I too am a first time mommy and I can totally understand the need to depend on google to find answers to your questions and then analysing those answers by putting your situation upfront.

Let me tell you one thing straight out. DO NOT consider what you find on google as something which is final and should be happening at a particular time.

Let me give you an example from my own personal experience what I meant by the above. When my kid turned one year old, I googled about how many meals a one year old should be taking in a day. I found out that when your baby turns one, he or she should be taking 3 proper solid meals and two glasses of milk in a day. It raised a red flag for me because this is not what’s happening with my kid. He was about to turn 14 months old at that time and was still taking milk three times a day and proper solid meals 2 times a day. I started to stress out that maybe I am not trying hard, maybe I am not doing the right thing, maybe there is some problem with my kid or maybe he is not liking the food and that’s why he is losing weight.

As it turns out, neither of the above were the problem. His doctor said that it’s completely normal for babies to lose weight when they turn a year old but if they are within the normal weight range and are active and healthy then it shouldn’t be any issue.

That gave me some relief. I then came up with an idea on how to reduce his milk intake from three times a day to two times a day. I started giving him chunks of fruits when his tummy was empty and when I knew he would be asking for milk anytime soon. He started accepting fruits in small quantity and then had his milk. Slowly and steadly I increased the quantity of fruits which I later changed to proper lunch meal and decreased the quantity of milk. I kept on doing that until his tummy gets full with the solid food and he won’t demand for milk anymore.

So you see, it takes time for babies to accept the change. Nothing will change overnight or in few weeks. When you read on google which says something like this “your baby SHOULD…..”,do not fall into the trap of “SHOULD” . Google will always provide you with a very generalised answer to your issues which obviously won’t be applicable to every baby that’s been born. Every baby is different so the timings of every milestone your baby achieves will be different to what you read on google or to another baby.

If google says “your baby should be sleeping independently by the age of….”, that doesn’t mean that you immediately start to act upon it. It doesn’t work that way. Every change you introduce into your baby’s routine will take time because it will be a whole new experience for your baby.

You want another example? Here is another one. I knew that I had to switch to cow milk once my baby turns one year old and leave formula. This obviously I came to know from google. So I did what needed to be done. But what happened next did not sit well with me. Once I introduced cow milk in his routine, I saw that he gets extremly fussy and constipated which btw is completely normal because it contains only fat and is devoid of any vitamins or proteins. Some babies get over this phase quickly and their tummy starts to accept cow milk but for some it’s a real pain in the ass. For my baby, it didn’t suit him. He started to cry his lungs out whenever he has to pass stool. His face became red and he was into so much pain that I stopped giving him cow milk and switched back to formula and in few days everything became normal. I then started giving him yogurt with every meal, which is basically same as if he is drinking cow milk. So problem solved. He ate yogurt happily and it never cause his tummy any problem. Google also says that by 18 months your baby should start to drink milk in a mug and with their meals. My baby who is about to turn 2, still take his milk in a bottle, don’t know how to suck from a straw and never accepts a sippy cup. What should I do? I did what’s easy for him. He will have his milk from a mug when he is ready and when he learns to hold a mug without spilling it or breaking it not when google says he should.

So now you see, whatever you read on google, just take those as a guideline or direction to your next step and not something that SHOULD be happening at a definite moment.

So mommies, here’s my two cents. Do what you think is better for your baby and don’t rush for things. Your baby will accept new changes when he or she is ready not when google says he or she should be doing. Don’t panic or stress yourself out and don’t enforce your will on your little ones because you won’t achieve anything in return. Try to take one step at a time and observe when your baby is ready to accept a change.

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