Do you believe in celebrating moments?

Do you believe in celebrating birthdays? Or better, do you like to celebrate birthdays?

I always considered myself lucky in this regard. My birthday falls on the date of my home country’s Independence Day so there is no chance that anyone would ever forget to wish me or can excuse themselves for not atleast bringing a cake.

While growing up, as soon as August approaches, I remember I start to look forward to my birthday. It use to be my best day from the whole year. It still is but it’s no longer the ONLY BEST DAY. Apart from the celebrations that takes place outside on the streets of my country, we have a second reason to celebrate. I feel so blessed and happy. There were no special beautifully wrapped gifts but there was a cake, special dinner and new dress. And that was enough for me as a teenager.

As years passed, surprise birthdays with gifts became a major thing in our house. Many people believe that celebrating birthdays is nonsense because we have lost another year of our life so it’s not something to rejoice. Logically speaking they are correct. But for me, it’s not the cake or gifts that counts, it’s the sentiments, love, surprising them and passing on the gifts to make other person feel loved and special on their day is what that matters.

Do you know what’s the most beautiful feeling in this world is? When you feel that you are the reason for someone else happiness. That’s what life is all about my friends. Making others feel important, valued and loved. I am sure everyone can buy things for themselves in their own capacity but receiving from someone else as a gift on a certain occasion has a different kind of sentiment attached to it. It matters a great deal.


I recognized the importance of cherishing and celebrating moments whether it’s a birthday or any thing else very late in life. You get a promotion, you learned something new, your kid get a good grade or learn something new, you tried new recipe and it turned out amazing, a date, a movie night at home, candle light dinner, friends day out, a stroll at the beach, long drive, ice-cream hangouts etc. etc….there are so many things life throws at you at different point in time that may seem very normal at that moment, but means a lot once it’s over. Life is unpredictable and we have been given this one life to live so why not live it by celebrating, living and cherishing moments as we age.

Recently I celebrated my son’s second birthday. I put in so much effort from planning to decorating even though I know that my kid won’t understand what’s going on. For a week, I was on a search for buying something special for him, something that would make him happy. I did it because he is growing, achieving new milestones day by day, surprising us with his new learnings, learning to speak, learning to imitate his elders, enjoying his life and new experiences. So that day was to celebrate all his achievements over the past year.

Gifts are not only to be restricted for birthdays. And by gifts I don’t mean lavish or luxurious kind. A simple flower bouquet sometimes is also enough to make other person feel special.

Life is hard. Life is tough. Parenting is hard. Everyday there is a moment when I think I will go nuts while raising my kid. We as parents have to think for their future and make sound decisions to make their future safe. And in doing so, we find small moments to celebrate to make wonderful memories.

Watching TV together as a family, eating together, sharing jokes, debating politics, laughing on silly things, watching your kids grow……when you think about it, it’s a blessing.

If you by now are thinking that I am an extremely optimist kind of person, you are wrong. I have my bad days too. Sometimes I hate my life too. Sometimes, I just get fed up with my son’s tantrum and can’t take it anymore. My life is not exactly a bed of Roses.

Its very simple: By celebrating I mean, if life gives you a moment to be happy about something, live that moment to your fullest and be grateful. Don’t let the negetive energy destroy your moment of peace or happiness. If you wish to celebrate something, go ahead and do that for yourself. Because you never know what’s in store for you next.



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Hello! Welcome to my space. I am a Pakistani from heart, born in Karachi and spent good 27 years of my life in that country. I am happily married and a stay-at-home mom, currently residing in KSA which i now call as my new home. This blog is my happy place where I will post about lots of different things, including my motherhood journey, lifestyle, book reviews, my thoughts and feelings about different issues and generally about my life on the go. I am an introvert who generally sucks at expressing her emotions verbally but loves to write them down. I hope you find the content here relevant and interesting to read. Looking forward to build a great community here. Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in celebrating moments?

  1. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it! I love giving gifts, anytime of the year too so that others feel noticed and appreciated whenever and wherever they’re at 😌 thanks for sharing x


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