Tea Trea Oil: Multipurpose essential oil

Do you know that tea tree oil is known as Jack of all trades? And it’s one of those oil that comes under the category of “MUST HAVE ESSENTIAL OILS”?

Well I didn’t, until I googled it. I somehow ended with two of these tea tree oil bottles from The Body Shop and since I am not having an acne breakout so I thought to research a little bit as to what other purposes this can be used for. And, I was surprised that list goes on and on.

I’ll just share a few here which I think are kind of an interest to my readers.

Such as…..

1. It can be used to treat acne and blemishes. In my experience, this oil will actually help to settle down the acne but DO NOT expect it to vanish like a magic. Continuous use is required for desired results and that too atleast for a month or so.

2. It helps to treat nail fungus. It wasn’t effective incase of my mom when she used it a long time back but it still can be used to treat it. Everyone has different experiences.

3. It can be used in a humidifier to purify air naturally.

4. It can be used to treat hair dandruff. Just add a few drops in your shampoo bottle and apply shampoo as usual.

5. It can be used as all purpose cleaner or as a disinfectant. This was a SURPRISE for me. So I read it a little more and found out that if you mix few drops of tea tree oil in your multi purpose cleaner, it will disinfect the place as well. I haven’t tried this one yet.


6. You can add few drops into your washing machine while doing laundry. It’s not greasy so don’t worry about leaving stains on the clothes. In fact, your clothes will smell and feel fresh. I already tried this out and it’s TRUE.

7. It also helps to treat rashes. Tried this out as well and yes it did help to ease the pain.

8. It can also be used to treat sunburn. It has a soothing and pain relieving effect.

9. It can be used as natural deodorant as well.

That’s it. These are the uses which I found to be really beneficial in our day to day lives so thought to share it here with you all.

This oil is not greasy so it can be directly applied on your skin. Some might feel little irritation but it will last for few seconds only.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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