Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


When Tate Collins meets airline pilot Miles Archer, she knows it isn’t love at first sight. They wouldn’t even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is an undeniable mutual attraction. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they have the perfect set-up. He doesn’t want love, she doesn’t have time for love, so that just leaves the sex. Their arrangement could be surprisingly seamless, as long as Tate can stick to the only two rules Miles has for her.

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future.

They think they can handle it, but realize almost immediately they can’t handle it at all.

Hearts get infiltrated.
Promises get broken.
Rules get shattered.
Love gets ugly.


My Review:

Frankly speaking, I really am not sure what to think about this novel. I saw someone recommending this one on Instagram and I thought to get into it. After reading this I can safely say that person has not read SOME REALLY GOOD ADULT ROMANCE.

The story lacks that power to get you hooked on to a novel like one literally feels when reading a romantic novel. Also, the story gets very predictable as you move along. After I finished half of it, I was left confused whether to continue reading or to just put it down. I finished it ofcourse because I had to write this review for you guyz. 😜

Furthermore, Is it really possible to feel all that emotional bonding as shown in this novel at the age of 23 or 24? It seems too much to digest.

But, I really liked Miles. I like heroes who has a secretive kind of aura around them, show less, share less but feel huge. And Miles has done a superb job in portraying those characteristics.

Tate, on the other hand, can be judged as weak, timid and submissive. Or she can be seen as someone who just followed her heart and gave in. It’s a matter of perspective. However, what she did was not something strange because if you have read “Fifty shades of grey” by Sylvia Day, you would not call Tate a timid person. In fact, in my opinion, Tate showed that she has a brain and she knows what’s good and what’s bad for her. Yes, she couldn’t control how she feels when she is around Miles but she does question him often about his past and is not someone who would be used for pleasure only. Whereas, Anastasia Steele from “Fifty Shades of Grey”, in my opinion is a disgrace really.

Ugly Love is told from different perspectives and switch back and forth from past to present. Past describes Miles story, explaining why does he behave awkward and gives us the picture of his painful past, making readers understand the reason of why does he act in a certain way. The past brings back torturous memories which stops Miles to get into any kind of relationship that results in love and marriage, thus the two rules he sets firmly at the start of his relationship with Tate.

Tate was obviously attracted to Miles and despite knowing that she is putting her heart into danger, she agreed to the rules and their relationship which was only based on to fulfill physical needs started to get really serious. She lived with a hope that one day Miles will fall in love with her and will share his past which revolved around Rachel? And what exactly did Rachel do to him?

The story moved on, became quiet emotional towards the end when Miles finally decided to confront his past and close it for once and all so he could relieve himself from all the pain he has been living with for last six years and to start a new life with Tate.

For me, the story was kind of dragged along with nothing substantial to read once you are half way through. Yes, there was a mystery but one could even predict that easily enough.

However, there are some really beautiful dialogues that I really liked and will share it here:

Love isn’t always pretty. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

God gives us the ugliness so we don’t take the beautiful things in life for granted.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Sometimes not speaking says more than all the words in the world.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Ugly love becomes you. Consumes you. Makes you hate it all. Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren’t even worth it. Without the beautiful, you’ll never risk feeling the ugly. So you give it all up. You give it all up. You never want love again, no matter what kind it is, because no type of love will ever be worth living through the ugly love again.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Some people they grow wiser as they grow older. Unfortunately, most people just grow older.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

The pain will always be there. So will the fear. But the pain and fear are no longer my life. They’re only moments.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Whoever coined the phrase, I love you to death obviously never experienced the kind of love Tate and I share. If that were the case, the phrase would be I love you to life. Because that’s exactly what Tate did. She loved me back to life.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Love isn’t always pretty, Tate. Sometimes you spend all your time hoping it’ll eventually be something different. Something better. Then, before you know it, you’re back to square one, and you lost your heart somewhere along the way.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

I’m sorry it took me so long,” he says with a voice full of remorse. “But I’ll never be able to thank you enough for not giving up on me. You saw something in me that gave you hope in us, and you didn’t give up on that. And Tate? That means more to me than anything anyone’s ever done.

Colleen Hoover, Ugly Love

Ratings: 2.5/5

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

  1. This is a great review! Appreciated all the detail and thought you put into this! 😊
    I’m currently reading November 9th by Colleen Hoover – possibly a little too much romance in parts for me but enjoying it. Will have a review up when I’m done too. I also have her book ‘It ends with us’ which I’m planning to read soon.
    Thanks for sharing! 😊

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