Do you want to share your motherhood story with the world and help other mamas feel less alone?

I’ll be taking submission from you about your experiences as a mommy-hood. There is no specific writing style, just share your story. It could be about anything related to your pregnancy, after delivery, postpartum depression, baby tantrums, parenting style, dealing with sleeping patterns etc.

Rules for submission:

1. Article should be original and based on your personal experience. No copy paste.

2. It should not be more than 800 words. If you wish to add your name at the end or a link to your social media page/account, include that in the word count.

3. Kindly avoid giving any advice or tips unless they have worked for you in a particular situation.

4. Owner has a right to edit your article if it doesn’t meet a specific criteria or not to publish at all.

5. Include a photo of you and your baby with your write up. In case you don’t want us to publish your photo, kindly use websites like unsplash, pixabay for copyright free pictures.

6. Since it’s free of cost, you are requested to follow us here, on Facebook and on Instagram as well before submission of your write up.

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It may take 2 – 4 weeks to publish your story after submission. So please have patience and avoid sending unnecessary emails or messeges.

If any of the above criteria is not fulfilled, owner of this blog has a right to edit the article, request for a revision or not publish at all.

Thank you!

Looking forward to read your stories.