She wanted to fly high……

She wanted to fly high……yet she couldn’t She wanted to be hugged tight more often She wanted to lie down on wet sand, wanting earth to take away all her sorrows She wanted to enjoy every day like there is no tomorrow She wanted to walk bare feet on a grass and play with her […]

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of Bloggers Chit Chat series.

For this episode, here with me is “Maryam Ansari”, who is a stay-at-home mom of 3 beautiful daughters. She started blogging in November last year and has acheived quiet a bit in such a short period of time. She runs her blog after her own name as “maryam.ansari.77”

Continue reading to know more about her and how she manages her blog while superbly carrying her mommy duties.

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Product Review: Xiaomi Mi S Android Box

Are you bored with your old model TV because it’s no where smart? Are you fed up with your TV content service providers? Are you looking for variety of options to chose from be it entertainment, news, sports, kids etc? Are you missing out on your favorite TV show?

The answers to all these questions is right here.

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 2

Meet Ayesha Siddiqui, who is a work from home mother of 3 school aged kids living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as an expat. She is a professional blogger and social media strategist. Her blogs have been featured on Baby Center, Dubai Women, Daily Mail, Huffpost, SITS Girls, Expat Blogger, and a host of other places in the past 14 years. Jeddah Mom won the Best Productivity and Personal Development Muslimah Blog award this year hosted by Her blog also got featured in the top 5 position at Feedspot as the most popular blog in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years.

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 1

For the first episode of the series, here with me is Mehreen Tareen who runs a blog on Instagram which goes by the name of “daily_walk_of_life”.

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My Haj Experience in 2017

I got married in 2016 in #Pakistan and I made a promise to myself that after moving to KSA, the first order of business would be to perform Haj in 2017 no matter what. I had such a strong intention of keeping that promise that Allah did call us in 2017 to undertake the most sacred journey of our life.

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No Screentime or How Much of Screentime?

Since we have been thrown into quarantine period, I am super cautious and rarly go out unless necessity. This means I had to occupy myself and my 1.5 year old with various activities. He quickly gets bore from one activity, always need something new to play with even if it is a new card box, a water bottle or an empty bottle of my face cream. But one thing he has recently been overdoing is watching LOTS of television although it’s just rhymes and nothing else. If I resist, he throw tantrum and gets angry. And this was making me kind of worried.

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Instagramming: What I have learned so far

Instagram plays a crucial role to help you create your identity and and to get yourself introduce to the world of blogging. That’s why it is one of the top rated platform for bloggers and influencers to start with.

But navigating and learning tips and tricks about blogging on Instagram can be a bit tricky and overwhelming.

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Travelling with a Baby

I have been thinking to share here my first travel experience with my baby but putting it aside. Now that international flights have been resumed in many countries and I am sure, many will be planning their travel in near future (although it’s best to delay unless extremely necessary), I thought I’ll just write it down.

All those first time mommies who are planning their travel in near future and looking for some assurance and tips, read it through.

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