Bloggers Chit Chat 2020: Last Episode

Hello Hello! Happy Sunday to all my awesome readers. 🙂 Welcome to the last episode of Bloggers Chit Chat Series 1. It get delayed because I was busy tending to my sick kid but all is well now so here you go. Today with me is Zahra Nishat, who is a stay at home mommy […]

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 7

With me today is Sahar Ahmed, stay at home mommy of a 4 year old little princess. She was a working woman prior to her marriage but when she became a mom, her priorities in life took a shift towards raising her daughter and giving her full attention.

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of Bloggers Chit Chat series.

For this episode, here with me is “Maryam Ansari”, who is a stay-at-home mom of 3 beautiful daughters. She started blogging in November last year and has acheived quiet a bit in such a short period of time. She runs her blog after her own name as “maryam.ansari.77”

Continue reading to know more about her and how she manages her blog while superbly carrying her mommy duties.

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Bloggers Chit Chat: Episode 2

Meet Ayesha Siddiqui, who is a work from home mother of 3 school aged kids living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as an expat. She is a professional blogger and social media strategist. Her blogs have been featured on Baby Center, Dubai Women, Daily Mail, Huffpost, SITS Girls, Expat Blogger, and a host of other places in the past 14 years. Jeddah Mom won the Best Productivity and Personal Development Muslimah Blog award this year hosted by Her blog also got featured in the top 5 position at Feedspot as the most popular blog in Saudi Arabia for the past 4 years.

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