Travelling with a Baby

I have been thinking to share here my first travel experience with my baby but putting it aside. Now that international flights have been resumed in many countries and I am sure, many will be planning their travel in near future (although it’s best to delay unless extremely necessary), I thought I’ll just write it down.

All those first time mommies who are planning their travel in near future and looking for some assurance and tips, read it through.

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Things you ‘should’ purchase for your newborn

There are certain items that parents usually think more then twice to invest in to make sure that it does not turn out to be a wastage of money. It always helps to take suggestions from your mommy-friends and make a list of necessary items especially if you are a first time mom and have limited budget.
I have listed down here a list of items which were super helpful to me and those which weren’t. However, there is no hard and fast rule. As I said, this is totally based on my personal experience.

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